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Egyptian Amulets

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a beautiful timeline of Egyptian amulets including a definition and information about amulets in general:
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

A couple of very cool Egyptian amulets can be found at the British Museum, too.
British Museum Egyptian Amulets

Splendors of Ancient Egypt Artifacts Again, tiny carvings are interspersed between the beads.
Ancient Egyptian Faience Read the paragraph above the sets of pictures and find the symbolic significance of lions, scarabs, frogs, and more.

Amulets from Different Parts of the World

Amulets from Peru, Morocco and Mexico

Various Amulets from Around the World at the Metropolitan Museum

A Short History of Charms

A History of Charms and Charm Bracelets Using this link, answer the questions on the Fetish Worksheet.

Contemporary Amulet Necklaces

Metal Framed Religious Amulets

African Tribal Charms Made in South Africa - Magickal Jewelry and Gifts Not a great web site, but the charms are worth looking at.

Excellent General Hand-building Links

Great for Searching Out Ceramics on the web http://www.jhpottery.com/sites/sites.html

The Parts of a Vase

Animal Whistle Assignment Extra Links

http://www.ceramics.it/cucchi/intro_en.html    http://www.ninestones.com/flute.html 

Minoan Pottery Assignment Extra Links

http://www.usask.ca/uofs/tour/ Type the word "Minoan" into the search box

Ancient Greek Pottery Links

Parts of a Vase
Athenian Vase Painting: Black- and Red-Figure Techniques

Roman Pottery History Links

Terra Sigillata
Roman Pottery at the Met (Nice video link on the page)

Mimbres Pottery Links

Smithsonian Museum: Mimbres Pottery
Wikipedia: Mimbres

Chinese Pottery and Its History

History of China Tutorial (by Victor Bryant)
Imperial Tours: History and Ceramics of China
A Brief History: China and Ceramics
The Metropolitan Museum has a fabulous online collection, but you will need to search the site itself as the links often change.

Majolica Pottery Links

History of Majolica
Some Contemporary Majolica Pottery

Arts and Crafts Movement

Carved Vase http://lsm.crt.state.la.us/newcomb/newcomb8.jpg
Carved Vase http://lsm.crt.state.la.us/newcomb/newcomb17.jpg
Gallery of George Ohr's Pottery
Carved vase http://www.tfaoi.com/aa/5aa/5aa211.htm
Carved Vase http://www.tfaoi.com/am/1am/1am276.jpg

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