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Sometimes the job of teaching seems overwhelming, with all of the paperwork, duties, accountability . . . and, oh, did I mention teaching? The purpose of this site is to make the job easier if you teach a Basic Ceramics and Pottery Class.

Especially for Teachers

You can save and modify:
Formal Lesson Plans with Quizzes and Assessment Tools

Handouts and Worksheets

Straightforward Review Activities for Substitutes

You may save these to your computer, modify or not, and print as many as you need for your classes.

Also included are PowerPoint Presentations and links to the works of ceramic artists, contemporary and historical. Notes about the work on the presentations can be printed or read as students view the work. No slide projector to worry about and very little preparation time required.

Activities for students to do on the computer are:

Multiple Choice Quizzes

Scavenger Hunts

Matching Image to Vocabulary Activities

Interactive Crossword Puzzles and More!

Using this site with your students saves a lot of school dollars as you do not have to buy a text. Personally, I found that the texts were usually not very interesting reading for students and were not very practical in ceramics class as students always had dirty hands and usually got clay all over the pages of the book. This site started out as an effort to solve those problems. The extra budget money (not spent on more texts) can go to supplies or more resource books for your classroom library. Handouts can be printed out and given to students and thrown away if too dirty to keep. And my activities have always engaged the students more than the books did.

So there you go: cheaper, more convenient and more interesting to students! These units contain the basics of handbuilding with clay. You will have use to the site for at least a year.

Thanks in advance. You will be getting great value for your money.

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