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unit one | unit two | unit three | unit four | unit five

Unit One: Introduction and Overview

Ceramic Terms Pop Quiz

Ceramic Terms Crossword Puzzle

Amulet and Fetish Scavenger Hunt

Ancient History of Pottery Power Point Presentation If your browser does not support the PowerPoint slideshow, you may also access the slides here. You will need to read this script that goes along with the slides.

Unit Two: Pinch Pot Construction

Pinch Pot Power Point Presentation

Pinch Whistle Power Point Presentation

Unit Three: Coil Pot Construction

Uncovering Past Civilizations Web Adventure

Unit Four: Slab Construction

The Industrial Age and the Crafts Web Adventure

Unit Five: Press Molding

Art Deco Style Power Point Slide Show

Coming Soon as a New Website for Advanced Students:
Putting It All Together

A History of Tea Drinking and the Teapot Web Adventure

Contemporary Teapots Power Point Slide Show

The Teapot As Sculpture

Non-objective Ceramic Sculpture

Ceramics as Crafts

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